Abby Forrester

Abby Forrester


Republic of Texas Land & Home

Parker County, Texas

Texan Born and Texas Raised – 

I spent my childhood years on my Mamaw and Papaw’s farm in Santo, Texas.  My Dad grew up in Stamford, TX and my Mom grew up in Breckenridge/Caddo, TX so as you can see, we are Texan.  

My Dad spent 22 years in the Military so during most of his career and until he retired, we stayed on the farm.  As a kid on the farm, I spent most of my time outdoors chasing lightning bugs, bird hunting, fishing, and/or scavenger hunts for snakes.  All of our food came from the farm so I learned to help with the garden, gather eggs from the chickens, can food and learn value of hard work. Church was on Sunday and was time to visit with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.  I was taught many valuable lessons as a child which helped shape who I am today.  

My working career has been in the oil & gas industry, either in manufacturing of products to support oil & gas or as a liaison between the gas company and land owner.  As a liaison, I learned the aspects of land title history, plats, easements, encumbrances, and oil/gas leases.  

Always looking to expand my knowledge, Real Estate was the natural progression to utilize the knowledge acquired from years in the oil/gas industry. 

In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, shooting skeet and of course my 2 Grandkids. My desire is to help families find that special place where a lifetime of memories can be made.  Nothing better than growing up in the country!

I am based in Parker County but cover Palo Pinto, Tarrant, Hood and most of North Texas.

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